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Custom Pet Pillow

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Order your unique custom pet pillow NOW! 

  1. Just send us photo of your pet
  2. Choose the right size between 20CM(8") and 70CM (28")
  3. We create handmade and unique pillow for you 




Your pet is a part of the family and deserves the best.

How about a custom pillow that shines with love? It reminds you of your dear cuddle buddy – no matter where you are. This is the perfect chance to give a memorable gift to yourself, your pet or your loved one!

Send us any photo, and we'll turn it into a unique customized pet pillow. It can be a picture of your fish, hamster, lizard or even of your friend or a family member. Every photo deserves its own custom pillow. The masterpiece is printed on high quality fabric, while not forgetting eco-friendliness. This lovely and soft pillow is a perfect gift and a must-have accessory for every pet lover!


Discounted prices and recommended pillow sizes:

  • $22,90 – 20CM (8") for extra small pets like birds and hamsters.
  • $29,90 – 30CM (12") for very small pets like guinea pigs.
  • $34,90 – 40CM (16") for small pets like cats and small dogs.
  • $42,90 – 50CM (20") for medium size pets like cats and dogs.
  • $52,90 – 60CM (24") for large size pets like dogs.
  • $59,90 – 70CM (28") for any very large pets and animals.

Please note that you can also order bigger pillows for smaller pets and smaller pillows for bigger pets.

All prices in this chart are presented in US Dollars and this is the currency we use at checkout. If your local currency is not USD, you might see prices converted to your local currency in this page.


The features of our high quality custom pet pillow:

  • 100% handmade and made to order
  • one-side and high-quality printed
  • individually cut and sewn to the shape of your dog, cat, etc.
  • eco-friendly and high quality cotton & polyester fabric guarantees softness, luxury and durability
  • a concealed zipper and a hand washable cover
  • 100% guaranteed quality

To get the best result of your custom pet pillow:

  • upload a clear, original, unedited photo
  • minimum file size 1 MB, the higher resolution photo, the better the result
  • place the full body of your pet into the photo
  • only one pet can be placed on each pillow
  • please choose the view angle of your photo carefully since the pillow will be equal to your photo

Please consider that all pillows are customized, handmade and made to order. The estimated production time is 5 business days and estimated delivery time 1-3 weeks depending on destination country.

This lovely and soft pillow is a perfect gift and a must-have accessory for everyone. Create your own Custom Pet Pillow today with just few easy steps!